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Intel Graphics Software Engineer Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 24 Apr, 2019
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I had a phone interview, then an onsite interview at Intel in Folsom, California, for the position of Graphics Software Engineer. They mostly asked questions about C++.

Round 1: Phone interview

-Tell me about yourself

-What is a template in C++

-How would you resolve an issue within a group when working on a group project

Round 2: Onsite interview

-Asked questions about resume and projects

-Why are you interested in this position

-Difference between stack and heap

-What is an inline function

-What is a virtual function and why is it needed

-What is virtual memory

-Difference between array and linked list

-What is a page fault

-How do you set the last 2 bits in a number?

-Why do we need to use templates

-What is the difference between a class and a struct?

-Question about access modifiers

Here are some tips for you:

-Go over your resume often

-Review C++ concepts and operating systems concepts

-Review data structures such as arrays and linked lists

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