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Intel Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2014

Students were shortlisted based on their resumes. [ Mainly on the basis of OS Projects ]

Technical Round 1
1. Write the most efficient algorithm to find square/square root of a number.

2. Write the most efficient algorithm to find if a number is prime or not.

3. At Bit level, how will you find if a number is a power of 2 or not.

4. What is call by value, call by reference in C language.

5. Projects done in MTech

Technical Round 2

1. Swap two numbers using XOR

2. What are various storage classifiers and quantifiers in C.

3. What is a semaphore? Explain in detail.

4.What is an interrupt. How does a processor handle an interrupt?

5. What is the exact role of Memory Management Unit?

6. Explain your MTech projects.

Behavioral Round

1. You are Intel’s representative for India and you are about to board a flight to US for a very very important billion dollar deal. But at the airport you are asked for a bribe of Rs500/- . Will you give the bribe or not?

Ans: NO!!! 😛


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