Infosys Power Programmer Role Interview Experience

Infosys organized one event #HackWithInfy for last year students of B.Tech. There were total three rounds in this competition and you will get a PPI (Pre-Placement Interview) for a power programmer role(Specialist Programmer) if you reach to third round of the competition.

The first two rounds are of competitive coding and held on HackerRank. The first round contains three coding questions and you need to complete this question in three hours. The all questions are little bit easy if you know competitive coding and had participated in coding competitions.

The second round is also a coding competition and contains three coding questions. This round also have time limit of three hours. If you have done better coding in this round and solved all the three questions then you may have chance to get selected in third round.

There were only top 100 people from all over india got selected for the grand finale round(third round) and if you got selected for the grand finale round the Infosys have some perks for you. They invites you on their campus for the final round which is an hackathon round. This round is of one day where you have to implement an application/software/website definition which was given by them. The last time (2018) is held at Pune DC (Development Center). Remember one thing the result of hackathon and the result of interview held before the hackathon is different and is not depends on each other.

If you reach in top 500 then also you have chance for PPI. they will take interview of the students on skype.

Note : This whole process is before the interview for Power Programmer.

Interview Rounds ->>>

There were total two rounds in the interview process.

Round 1: In this round, they were asking one or two coding question and the brief introduction about your projects. so suggesting you to explain your projects better and better. Also they were focusing on the one of the computer language(like Java/Python).

Round 2: This round was a HR round. Where they asked basic questions like

Tell me about yourself?

What is your Goal?


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