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Infosys Interview Experience | Power Programmer Role through Hackwithinfy

Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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Hackwithinfy is an online contest organized by Infosys. It’s basically a coding competition consisting of two online rounds.

Round 1 (Online Coding Round): The first round was hosted on the Hackerank Platform consisting of 3 questions from easy to hard level. All the 3 questions will be of the easy to medium level. Generally, questions will be from arrays and strings. I was able to solve all three questions as it was not very hard.

Round 2(online Coding Round): if you clear first round then you qualify for the second round hosted on Hackerrank as well. The second round is a bit hard as compared to the first round. There will be three questions in this round as well.

The first question was on array manipulation and it was an easy question. The second and third question was a bit difficult as it involved a greedy and dynamic approach. If you have a good knowledge of algorithms you can easily crack this round.

  • If you solve 1 question out of 3 you may get an interview opportunity for the role of SE(System Engineer)

  • If you solve 2  questions out of 3 you may get an interview opportunity for the role of SES(System Engineer Specialist)

  • If you can solve all 3 questions you may get an opportunity for the Role of PP(Power Programmer)

I was able to solve all the questions.

Round 3(Technical interview Round): I was offered the interview for the PP role. The interview was on skype. The Interviewer first asked to introduce myself. Then he asked two coding questions. First was based on the merge sort and the second was of linked list. I was able to solve those questions. Then He asked about my project implementation and working.

I was able to pass this round and was selected for the HR Round.

Note:If you are not selected in the PP interview then they give you a chance for the SES interview as well which is a good thing in my opinion.

Round 4(HR round): They did not ask anything in this round. They just informed about the CTC and a few other general questions.

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