Infosys Interview Experience through HackwithInfy

Round 1: Its an online coding test on Hackerrank. Questions are of medium level and you can solve at least 2 questions if you have some programming skills. You have a total of 3 hrs time duration, if you solve at least one question then the chance of getting selected in round 2 sill be more. Questions will be basically from basic programming not from hardcore algorithm or data structure.

Round 2: This is also a coding test on Hackerrank comprises of 3 questions and the total time duration will be 3hrs. But in this round webcam will be on. You don’t have to open a new tab or try to cheat from any source otherwise you will get disqualified. Questions are basically a little bit tougher than first round because this round will decide that you will be going to get interview chance or not. If you solved at least 2 questions then you will get a chance for SES interview and if you solve more than 2 then you will get a PP interview.

Round 3: If you will manage to come in top 100 then you will get a chance to attend 24 hrs hackathon at venue decided by Infosys. But still, you will have an offer if you will not win the finale.

After round 2 you will be called for interview. I got an opportunity for SES profile interview.  At the interview venue, they will give you a form to fill up (basic education details) then you will be called one by one. I was called after waiting for 4-5 hrs. There will be one person for each panel. Interviewer was quite good.

Interviewer: Where are you from?

me: replied

interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

me: replied

interviewer: Tell me about your project? ( One of the important question for hackwithinfy interview, so prepare it well).

me: replied

interviewer: What you have done differently to improve your project?

me: replied

interviewer: Tell me about Ubuntu os?

me: replied

interviewer: Which language you used during competition and why?

me: replied ( Prepare well about programming language that you had used during competition)

interviewer: tell me about Agile method?

me: replied

Tip: Prepare your project well so that you can answer any question that will be asked from the project. Prepare some basic about software engineering and operating

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