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Interview Experience for PowerProgrammer Role Infosys in HackWithInfy

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2019

Each year they conduct this Competition for students which is basically of 3 Rounds in total and then Pre-Placement Interview for PowerProgrammer . The first two rounds are of competitive coding and are held on HackerRank for final year B.Tech Students.

Online Rounds : There were two online coding rounds first:

Round 2 Online:  Problems were based on DataStructures, Greedy and String Manipulation. If you come under 5000 students you are eligible for round 2.

Round 2 Online:  It was Graphs, Trees and Greedy based problems. If you come under 100 you will be called for Onsite Infosys Campus Grand Finale where you will be also interview for the PP role. However, candidates after 100 rank also got opportunity to interview for PowerProgrammer and SSE post.

 There were two rounds of Interview at Onsite as well:-

Round 1: Technical:-

I was given a Coding puzzle for which the interviewer gave me around 15 mins to think and 5 mins to write the code on paper. It was Tree question with some trick in it. I solved it on paper . Then he asked the logic and explanation which I did. My Code was upto the mark for him.

Then he started asking questions on Stacks, Queues, DFS, Red Black Tree, Binary Tree, B+ tree, Shortest Path Algorithms etc.

After which he moved onto asking CS fundamental questions on DBMS, OS and one question on sftp network protocol as well.

This Round was about 1 Hr long.

I answered around 85% of those questions.

I cleared it.

PS: Got to know later that the Interviewer was AI head of Infosys 🙂

Round 2: HR :

After my introduction she asked me about my weaknesses first and then if I am good in team work and Hobbies etc. Easiest Round to be Honest.

Got the role.

It was followed by Grand Finale with a 24-hour hackathon.

Visit this site for more information on the Contest :-

Thanks for Reading, Hope it helps 🙂

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