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Infosys HackWithInfy Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer (2022)

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Round 1 (Online Coding Test): This round was conducted during the first week of March 2022. There were 3 questions and the duration of the test was 3 hours. I do not remember the exact question but the first question was of Dynamic Programming, the second question was of Bit Manipulation and the third was related to multisets.

I solved one question fully and the other partially (1.76/3) and got selected for the DSE role.

Round 2 Interview

My interview got scheduled for May 7 at 10:20 am. As usual, the interview started with my introduction. I mentioned my background, technical skills, internship I had done and the projects I had done. Then the interviewer asked me to explain my role and the work I had done during my internship and all the projects I had done. I had done 2 full stack projects. Then the interviewer asked me about OOPS. I explained the four pillars of OOPS in detailed manner.

Then he asked me to design a badminton game. I was not at all prepared for such questions but the interviewer was helpful he told me to approach the question using the concepts of OOPS. After thinking for 2-3 minutes, I told him my approach, but he was not satisfied. He gave me more hints and I tried to approach the question using those hints but he was not satisfied.

Then he asked me to design a online restaurant table booking and food ordering system. I approached this question by considering it as a full stack project and told him about the database design, schemas and this time he was satisfied with my approach.

Then as I was from ECE he started asking questions related to networking. He asked me about TCP/IP model, layers of TCP/IP model, and some protocols used in the different layers.

He then asked me how I approach a new problem during programming contests. How I make sure that the code will run, how I decide which data structure will I use for that particular problem.

And to my surprise, he asked no further questions. There was no coding question asked.

At last, he asked me HR questions:

  1. Will you do further studies? Why or Why not?
  2. Will you relocate?
  3. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  4. What is my passion?

He then asked me if I have any questions for him. I asked him about what will be my role and on which technologies will I be working.

The interview started at sharp 10:20 am and was supposed to be of 1 hour but the interview went on for 1 and half hours.

Verdict: Selected


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Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2022
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