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Infosys (HackWithInfy) Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer | Off-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Infosys conducted HackWithInfy, a coding competition for engineering students graduating in the year 2022 across India. Only one Round of coding competition was conducted this year in May 2021. Results came out in June 2021 and I got an opportunity to appear for an interview for the Digital Specialist Engineer Role.

Interview Question:

  • Interviewer: Introduced himself with his name and he had the experience of 10 years and asked me to introduce myself.
  • Me: I had said my self-intro
  • Interviewer: He said that let’s get to the point directly and asked me which programming language you are familiar with?
  • Me: I said that I’m familiar with Python
  • Interviewer: He asked me to take down a paper and asked me to write Palindrome code
  • Me: I had written and showed it the code
  • Interviewer: He asked me to write down the code for Bubble Sort
  • Me: I had done it too
  • Interviewer: He asked about DFS and BFS?
  • Me: I said the differences between them
  • Interviewer: He asked me are you familiar with SQL?
  • Me: Yes sir
  • Interviewer: He asked me a query regarding JOINS?
  • Me: I explained regarding JOINS
  • Interviewer: He had said a query and asked me the number of columns would fetch?
  • Me: I said 0
  • Interviewer: Again he asked the same question
  • Me: I said 2 this time
  • Interviewer: He said 1 and said that we are done. Any questions do you have?
  • Me: I asked regarding how is the work culture?
  • Interviewer: He said that the working hours are flexible and the work culture is also good. Any other questions?
  • Me: No sir, That’s it. Thank you

No HR questions are asked. This is a Virtual Interview. I was selected for Software Engineer Role in Infosys.


  • It is important to make a good resume that most of the questions are asked from the resume only. So, the resume should be well prepared.
  • If it is a virtual interview, just look into the cam while saying. So, that the interviewer can know that you are confident.
  • If you don’t know the answer, just said it directly without any hesitation. I don’t know this concept, I will revise it sirMaintain a smile on your face. Be confident, Be Cool!

Thanks for reading. All the best for your interviews.

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