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Infosys Hackwithinfy SES(System Engineer Specialist) Interview Experience 2020

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ROUND 1(1st Coding Round): Date:- Last week of March 2020

This will be an online coding round comprised of 3 questions in total with a stipulated time of 3 hours. This round will be comparatively easy with little implementation of some basic logic. This round won’t have any webcam proctored. I had solved 1.5 questions and cleared the round and received an email for the next coding round.

Tips: If you can’t solve the full question also at last try to solve partially test cases of two questions that would also help to clear this round many of my friends cleared this round by solving two questions partially. 

ROUND 2(2nd Coding Round): Date:- Last week of May, 2020

This will be an online coding round with a webcam proctored and comprising 3 questions in total with a stipulated time of 3 hours. This round will be comparatively Medium to Hard with the implementation of Dynamic Programming and Graph related questions. In this round all the test cases were hidden we had to submit the code directly we had no idea that test cases would pass or not. According to the questions solved you would receive the pre-placement interview call for SES(System Engineer Specialist) role or PP(Power Programmer) role.

I had received the SES role pre-placement interview offer after a month i.e. first week of July. 

You can practice questions from Hackereath, Hackerrank, Codechef regarding DP, and graph-related questions that would help a lot. 

Tips: If you can’t solve the problem at least try to think for the test case provided accordingly try to implement the logic for at least two questions to qualify so that at least in the worst case partially solving two questions also will get you through the pre-placement offer.

ROUND 3(TECHNICAL INTERVIEW + HR): Date :- 29th October,2020(almost 1 hour)

This year due to covid-19 we had our interview virtually.

Make sure to add things in Resume/C.V that you are confident don’t add things that you are not confident off they would ask from your Resume/C.V only and also tell them no directly if you are not able to recollect the answer that’s fine.

The questions asked in this interview are as follows:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Questions on Operating System (link:-
  3. Asked all the main concepts on Operating System study it well.
  4. Write a program to reverse the string without using any in-built libraries in any language (I choose python). And asked what was the thinking process behind it?
  5. Asked questions on Object-Oriented Programming(OOP’s) and told me to implement or tell the concept using class and object how you would find the topper of your class or department?
  6. Asked what is RAID (i.e. from DBMS) (link:-
  7. Difference between Python and C?
  8. What is Normalization?
  9. Difference between a Compiler and an Interpreter and which one is fast?
  10. JVM(Java Virtual Machine) related questions?
  11. What is Abstract Class?
  12. DBMS Theory questions related to architecture?
  13. Project-related questions (Mine was on “Facial Key points Recognition using Deep Convolution Neural Network”)(Basic questions just study the theory about your project that will be enough)
  14. Some HR questions like why want join Infosys etc.
  15. What are the new technologies in the industry going on or new projects that are going on(I told about IBM Watson and Google Sophia Humanoid Robot. And also must tell about Infosys new technologies they are working on a study about the company also adds benefit to the interview process.)
  16. Lastly, he asked any questions for me?(Always ask if an interviewer asks you ask him questions like his experience working with Infosys, what are the new technologies they are working on and all.)

My overall interview was great the interviewer was great and constantly was telling “good answer” and was impressed.

Must read all interview questions on the subject that you have listed in your Resume/C.V.

Based on your performance they could also give you the SE(System Engineer) role.

Don’t panic at all the interviewer and all would be very friendly and would always boost you up to give your best and be confident enough.

Lastly got selected for the SES role at Infosys(13th November 2020).

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2021
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