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Infosys HackWithInfy’21 Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer | Off-Campus 2022

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I received a Pre Placement Interview (PPI) opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer / System Engineer Specialist through HackWithInfy’21 (Hackathon for hiring 2022 batch passing students all over India) from Infosys. It consists of a total of 2 rounds. First-round was held on 9th May 2021. It was a coding round that consisted of 3 problems 1 easy, 1 medium, and 1 hard. I was able to solve 1 problem completely and 30% of test cases passed for another problem. My Interview was Scheduled for 24 July 2021. I got mail 3 days before, about the 40 min Interview.

The Interviewer joined and firstly introduced himself. Then the following happened.

Interviewer – Start with a brief introduction.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Explain your project what you have mentioned in the intro.

Me – Can I share my Jupyter Notebook screen to explain the project.

Interviewer – Yes you can.

I have given a full explanation of my project.

Most of the time of my interview is about my project. I was asked many cross-questions related to the project.


  1. How can you handle it if the data is huge?
  2. How you can find the dependent variables?
  3. If there are many data outliers, what steps (or techniques) you will take to get data clean without spending much time?

Some questions like Why you considered this(median), why not that(mean or standard deviation). Explain the function, what is the use of this function.

I have answered most of the questions.

Interviewer – After going through your resume, you are good at C++. Right?

Me – Yes sir.

Interviewer – Explain Pointers.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Explain use cases of pointers.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Method overloading. Difference between Private and Public?

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – You have an interest in Data Science. But, It is not guaranteed that you will get DS related role. what you will do. You need to work on different domains or technologies. Whether you choose higher studies in Data Science or lose interest in DS.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Being an ECE student, why you are coming into Software Field.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Do you want to share anything else. (Achievements or Interests)

Me – (The interviewer is open to sharing all my thoughts and interests.) Answered. (Here I have showcased my coding ranks and interest in trending technologies).

Interviewer – Any questions for me.

Me – Your journey with Infosys.

I have covered most of the questions. The interviewer is very friendly and cool.

All the best for your upcoming interviews.

P.S. – Please ignore my mistakes as this is the first-ever article written by me.

Verdict – Selected.

Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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