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Infosys HackWithInfy’21 Interview Experience for Digital Specialist Engineer | Off-Campus 2022

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I received a Pre Placement Interview (PPI) opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer / System Engineer Specialist through HackWithInfy’21 (Hackathon for hiring 2022 batch passing students all over India) from Infosys. It consists of a total of 2 rounds. First-round was held on 9th May 2021. It was a coding round that consisted of 3 problems 1 easy, 1 medium, and 1 hard. I was able to solve 1 problem completely and 30% of test cases passed for another problem. My Interview was Scheduled for 24 July 2021. I got mail 3 days before, about the 40 min Interview.

The Interviewer joined and firstly introduced himself. Then the following happened.

Interviewer – Start with a brief introduction.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Explain your project and what you have mentioned in the intro.

Me – Can I share my Jupyter Notebook screen to explain the project.

Interviewer – Yes you can.

I have given a full explanation of my project.

Most of the time my interview is about my project. I was asked many cross-questions related to the project.

I have answered most of the questions.

Interviewer – After going through your resume, you are good at C++. Right?

Me – Yes sir.

Interviewer – Some questions on c++

Interviewer – Being an ECE student, why you are coming into Software Field.

Me – Answered.

Interviewer – Do you want to share anything else. (Achievements or Interests)

Me – (The interviewer is open to sharing all my thoughts and interests.) Answered. (Here I have showcased my coding ranks and interest in trending technologies).

Interviewer – Any questions for me.

Me – Your journey with Infosys.

I have covered most of the questions. The interviewer is very friendly and cool.

All the best for your upcoming interviews.

P.S. – Please ignore my mistakes as this is the first-ever article written by me.

Verdict – Selected.

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Last Updated : 06 May, 2022
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