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IIT Jodhpur M.Tech Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2021
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After my gate exam I appeared for M.Tech interviews in many IITs and fortunately cleared M.Tech in CSE and AI in IIT Jodhpur.

So I will discuss both interview experience one by one.

M.Tech CSE interview Experience

There was panel of four professors. They started with some basic questions to make me comfortable then they asked what I have prepared for the interview.I replied Data Structures and Algorithms,DBMS and operating system.

Q.1 Types of scheduling algorithm and which one is better and why?

Q.2 What is semaphores and its application?

Q.3 Prove that a binary tree with n internal nodes will have n+1 leaf nodes?

Q.4  explain pigeonhole principle with examples?

At last they asked me one coding question. The problem states that we have a string with uneven spaces between them we have to rearrange the string in such a way that there is one space between two letters.After thinking for a while I came up a solution that using an extra string we can do this.So the professor told me to optimize the algo to solve the problem in constant space time.I took some time and told the professor that if we use two pointers method we can solve this in constant space time.After this my interview over.

M.Tech AI interview Experience

There was again panel of four professors. They asked my whether I am comfortable in probablity and linear algebra.I said yes(no option was not there as usual).Then they started asking questions:-

Q.1 Explain random variable and also explain the graph of normal distribution.

Q.2 which one will be greater log(2^n) or log(2^(n*n)).

Q.3 explain rank of matrix and its application.

Q.4 what is elementary matrix?

Q.5 what are eigen values and eigen vectors?

I would say revise your gate notes thoroughly and prepare mathematics very seriously.

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