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IIT Gandhinagar Mtech Interview Experience 2020
  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2020

This year due to the pandemic many IITs are not able to conduct face to face interview and thus are shifting dates due to lock-down. IIT Gandhinagar is one of the new IITs which is conducting the interview via Google Meet. I got this opportunity by qualifying the Gate Exam with a decent score and after I applied for M.Tech in IIT Gandhinagar and got shortlisted for the interview. 

The interview was scheduled in the afternoon session and I was assigned to panel 2. The interview panel consist of 2 people (lets say them P,Q). Just before the Interview a demo call was placed by a volunteer to check the quality of the call and after that the main interview call arrived. It lasted for around 10 minutes. The questions were displayed on presentation so let me share my experience of the interview. 

It started with usual tell me about yourself and then in slide there were various subjects mentioned and I was asked to choose 1 of them so I preferred DS/ALGO. 

1st Question: Time complexity to find the maximum element in the min heap and Explain the method?(It was an easy question so I told it and explained it thoroughly) 

2nd Question: (Programming) given an array of length n and a number x find out two such elements in the array such that their sum is equal to the number x. 

(They showed a screenshot of the inputs and output to help me understand better, I gave the answer and then they ask to optimize it where I did not solved it completely but my approach was appreciated) 

3rd Question:(Programming) given an array of length n, find two numbers such that their sum is equal to the rest of n-2 elements if there exist such case?  (it was tough for me and I couldn’t answer it although I tried and approached a little) 

4th Question: Why opt for M.Tech and what are your plans after Mtech?(I told them that through M.Tech I want to gain in-depth knowledge on subjects of my interest and my plan is to do job currently. 

Then they asked about my least liked subjects and I told them some topics from subjects where I faced difficulties and that’s it . The interview was over I greeted them and they wished me luck for ahead. 


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