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IIM Interview Experiences

  • Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2019

After writing CAT, unexpectedly, I got call for PI from 8 NEW IIMs. This was a collective interview, where they will take your interview and will select that for which IIMs you are being qualified.

Well as I said, it was an unexpected call so I was all set to NOT TO BE SELECTEDand hence attended the interview just for experience. Sometimes I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE gives you a lot, same happened with me, as I answered without fear of getting reject.


Interviewer: You play flute, can I assume that you admire Lord Krishna?

ME: Yes sir, I do.

Interviewer: So given a chance, whom will you select as your business leader in today’s world? Lord Krishna or Lord Ram?

ME: Obviously Krishna.

Interviewer: Why not Ram?

ME: You asked for an ideal leader in today’s world, not a perfect husband.

Interviewer: Gave a smile.


Interviewer: You are a photographer, a flute player and with your small business you already earned 10, 000, things seem to be well enough, then why IIM?

I didn’t take time for this, as I said I had I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE. So I didn’t take even a second time and spoke

ME: I made only 10, 000 but my aim is 1 crore, that’s why IIM.

Interviewer just smiled and asked me to leave the room.

RESULT: Got confirm calls from 7 IIMs out of those 8 IIMs 🙂 🙂

NOTE: The response is overwhelming 🙂 Grateful to every single person who viewed it and gave their opinion. Out of expectations.

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