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IIM Lucknow Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2019


The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are a group of 20 public, autonomous institutes of management education and research in India. They primarily offer postgraduate, doctoral and executive education programs. To get a seat in such institutes is desirable to every student who wants to do PG.

So as we have seen in the title that how an IIM institute conducts an interview to allow its seats to graduates. This is an article which gives a brief discussion about IIM LUCKNOW INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE. To show the interview here we take a student who is currently pursuing a PGP degree and is profile is his name is Pratik Ranjan he is from Mechanical background and he secured 97.4% in his 10th broad exam and 95.75% in his 12th now we are going about his personal interview and questions he faced and go through his experience of interview in IIM LUCKNOW.

The  questions he faced  in his interview are:

  1. You have exceptional academic records why do you want to go your life doing your MBA?
  2. From which companies you get? (based on his experience )
  3. can you graphically represent what is Uk is? (based on the marks he secured in the industrial engineering as a part of his course)
  4. Do you inspire anyone in your life?
  5. Your Hobbies(on which he is showing interest)
  6. who are your favourite authors?
  7.  what is your favourite journel?
  8. Again graphical representation of A.M and G.M.
  9.  what is your Favourite company?
  10. why you prefer two degrees at a time?
  11.  Taking an opinion about ” growing new IIMs”.
  12. whom would you nominate as a next president?
  13. why your college called MA NIT, not as NIT Bhopal?
  14. who is the Defence Minister of INDIA?
  15. who is Greenway minister?
  16.  who are Information and Broadcast minister?
  17. Taking the opinion that which one place most crucial part performance or conformance to define the quality of the product.

This is the interview he faced when he applied for that institution. At last, they ask any quotes do we have. From this, we have to understand that it is better to pay attention to it. Give substantial evidence to prove your hobbies and they don’t fluff around. We should prepare for technical questions from your previous work experience graduation or any other course you took up. Keep a track of current affairs and knowing the answer to the GK questions is always a be prepared and be confident.

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