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Vocabulary for CAT and Aptitude Related Exams

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This article is about the words that appear regularly in the vocabulary part of the CAT exam and aptitude related exams.

This article is all about the words that start with the letter ‘A’.

1abandonto give up
3abateto lessen; to subside
4abbreviateto shorten
5abdicateto give upformally
6aberrationstraying away from what is normal
7abetto assist
8abeyancesuspended action, not being used
9abhorto hate; to detest
10abidebe faithful; to endure
12abjurepromise or swear to give up
15abominateto detest; to dislike strongly
16abrogaterepeal or annul by authority
17abscondto go away suddenly
18absolveto free from guilt or duty
19abutthe border on, next to
20abysmalextremely bad
21abyssa bottomless pit, anything too deep to measure
22accedeagree to
23accoladepraise; approval
24accostto approach and speak to
25acolyteassistant, beginner
26acquitto clear of a charge
28acrimonybitterness or harshness of speech or manner
29acronymthe word formed from the initial letters of a group of words.
30acrophobiaan abnormal fear of being in high places
31acumenthe keenness of mind, insight
32adagean old saying, proverb
33addleto become rotten, to become confused
34adduceto offer as an example, reason or proof
35ad Infinitumforever, endlessly
36adjunctsomething added, assistant
37ad-valoremin proportion to the estimated value of goods
38aestivalappearing in summer
 39affrayfight in a public place or battle
40afflatusdivine revelation, inspiration
41affusionpouring on
42aggrandizeto make greater, more powerful, richer
43aggravatemake worse, irritate
44agileactive, quick-moving
45agogeager, excited
46agoraphobiaabnormal fear of open or public places
47agnatedescended by male links from the same male ancestor
48allegrorapid, quick
49altruismunselfish concern for the welfare of others
51animadvertto comment adversely
52anthropomorphichaving human characteristics
53aperitifan alcoholic drink taken before a meal
54apocalypserevelation of future
55apologistone who defends or attempts to justify a doctrine, faith, action, etc.
56apothecarya person who prepares and sells medicine
57appellationidentifying name or title
58appositeappropriate, fitting
59arabesquea complex ornate design
60arcadea covered passage
61arcanesecret, mysterious
62ariddry and barren, dull
63arroganceproud superior manner of behavior
64arroyoa gully
65artefacta hand-made object
66ascendgo or come up
68ashendeadly pale
69assiduoushard-working, diligent
70astringentsubstance that shrinks
71atavismthe resemblance to remote ancestors
72atticismextreme elegance of speech
73athwartlying across,
74atheismthe belief that there is no god
75attenuatemake thin; weaken; enervate
76attunebring into harmony
77atypicalnot typical; abnormal
78audaciousdaring, foolishly bold, impudent
79augustmajestic, venerable
80auspiciousfavorable, successful, prosperous
81austereseverely moral and strict, simple and plain
82auxiliaryhelping, supporting
83averaffirm; assert
84avideager; greedy
85avowadmit; declare openly
86auberginepurple vegetable
87augera tool for boring holes
89avocadoa pear shaped tropical fruit
91awashcovered or flooded with water
92awla pointed tool for making holes
93awninga sheet of canvas on a frame, used for shelter
94awolabsent without leave
95awryaway from the expected course or position
96axlea rod on which wheels turn
97ayatollaha religious leader in Iran
98azaleaa shrub with brightly coloured flowers
99azteca member of an American Indian people ruling Mexico before the Spanish conquest
100azurea bright blue colour

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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