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Vocabulary for CAT and Aptitude Related Exams | Set 2

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Prerequisite – Vocabulary for CAT and Aptitude Related Exams
This article is about the words that appear regularly in the vocabulary part of the CAT exam and aptitude related exams.

This article is all about the words that start with the letter ‘B’.

1babbleto talk foolishly or like a small child
2babela scene of confusion of noises, sounds, etc.
3bacchanaliaorgy, wild-drunken party
4badinageplayful talk
5badgerto nag, annoy, an animal
6bagatellea thing of little value, trifle, game
7bailiffA law officer who collects property of those who cannot pay debts
8baitto persecute; a piece of food put in a trap to attract
9balderdashan odd mixture, nonsense
10balefulharmful; ominous; causing evil
11balkobstacle; purposely to get on the way of
12banaltrite, commonplace
13banefulcausing harm or ruin; pernicious; destructive
14banterplayful teasing
15barbaricprimitive, uncivilized, cruel 
16baritonethe range of a male voice between tenor and bass
17barrageartificial obstacle
18bashfuleasily embarrassed
19baskenjoy warmth and light
20bastionany strong defense
21baublea trinket, worthless thing
22baulkthe stumbling block, to hinder
23bawdyindecent, obscene
24beacona light used for warning or guiding
25beatifyto bless; make happy or ascribe a virtue to
26bedlamany place or situation with noise and confusion
27bedraggleto make wet, limp or dirty
28befuddleto confuse, perplex
29begrudgeto resent another’s success
30beguileto misled or deprive of
31behesta command or earnest request
32belaborbeat hard
33beleaguerto besiege by encircling, to harass
34bellicosebelligerent; pugnacious; warlike
35belligerentwaging war
36benefactorperson who has given help
37benevolencewish or activity in doing good
39bequeathto leave to another by one’s will
40bequestarrangement to give something at death
41beratescold sharply
42bereave to leave in a sad or lonely state, as by death
43bereftrob or dispossess of something
44berserkin or into a violent rage or frenzy
45besiegeto overwhelm, surround
46besmirchto soil, to damage the reputation
47besottedmade silly or stupid by love
48bestiallike a beast
49bewilderpuzzle; confuse
50bibulousaddicted to or fond of alcoholic liquor
51bibliophileone who loves or collects books
53bilkto cheat
54billingsgatefoul, vulgar, abusive talk
55bionicvery strong, skilful
56bivouaca temporary encampment in the open
57bizarreodd, grotesque
59blandishmentflattery, coaxing
60blasphemyprofone, abuse of god or sacred things
61blatantboldly conspicuous or obtrusive
62blearydim or blurred
63blemishto mar or spoil, a defeat
64blithecheerful; causal; carefree
65bludgeona short club with a heavy end
66bluestockinga woman pretending to have literacy taste
67bodkina thick, blunt needle
68bogussham, counterfeit, not genuine
69boisterousloud, noisy, lacking restraint
70bolstergive greatly needed support
71bonmota clever or witty remark
72boorishcrude, offensive, rude
73bounteousgenerous, abundant
74bourgeoismiddle class
75bouvineof an ox or cow, slow and stupid
76brainchilda person’s own idea
77braggartan offensively boastful person
78brashhasty, rush, cheeky, saucy
79brassan alloy of copper and zinc
80bravadopretended courage or feigned confidence
81bravuraboldness, dashing style
82brazenshameless, bold
83breacha violation, gap, opening, broken place, breaking
85brittleeasily broken
86broachbring up, announce, begin to talk about
87brooknot allow, a small stream
88browbeatto intimidate
89brusquerough and abrupt in manner of speech
91bucolicrural, rustic
92bugbearsource of annoyance or fear
93bulbousswollen, shaped like a bulb
94bulwark a defence
95bumptiousdisagreeably conceited
96burgeongrow forth, send out buds
97burgresscitizen broadly comic
98burlesqueany satirical invitation
99buoyantable to float; light-hearted
100burnishto polish, rub to a shine
101buttressa strong support

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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