IIITH LEEE for CSD Interview Experience

There were 4 interviewers in the panel.

First the interviewers asked me my favorite subjects, so that they could ask questions on those.

1. What is best, average and worst case time complexity.

2. What is the best sorting algorithm and what is its time complexity.

3. What do you get when you remove an edge from a tree.

4. What is a tree. What are the properties for a graph to be a tree.

They kept giving me hints to encourage me to answer the questions.

5. What do you get when you add an edge to a tree. And proof for the answer.

6. How many cycles are formed by adding an edge to a tree. And proof for the answer.

7. How can you determine what side of a line does a given point lie.

They asked me to work on the board behind me. And asked me to explain the reasoning why the solution works.

I had mentioned on my resume that I had completed Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng. So one of the interviewer asked me

8. What is a perceptron.

9. Is logistic regression a classification or regression technique.

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