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Nagarro Interview Experience for SD/CSD

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Nagarro was the first company that visited our college for placement purposes. Nagarro was the first company for which I appeared for the placements. As it was my first company, I was excited as well as nervous and anxious. Nagarro’s recruitment process is of 4 rounds. 

Round 1( Aptitude + Subjective MCQs ): First round was an Online MCQ-based test of 30 minutes. There were 10 aptitudes MCQs in which questions were based on Time, Distance, Percentage, Cost and Sell Price, Blood Relations, Directions, etc. It has 15 questions based on subjects like OOPS, DBMS, Computer Networks, C language, etc. This was not an elimination Round.

Round 2 (Coding): After 1 hour of round 1, there was a Coding Round of 155 Minutes, in which there were 5 questions (2 questions were of CSD level and 3 questions were of SD level). The level of questions was not that tough. They were simply based on logic. If you can build the logic, then the questions can simply be coded. One question was like “there was a prisoner who is very good in athletics. He wants to jump the wall of prison so that he can get out of jail. But the walls are slippery and the prisoner slips down by 1 or 2 meters. There were N walls that he have to jump to get out of the jail. Determine how many Jumps he had to make so that he can get out.”

 Students who cleared both rounds go to the Technical Interview Round.

Round 3 (Technical Interview) – There was an interview scheduled online for the students who cleared round 1 and 2. The interview was of a duration of 15 – 20 mins only on the MS Teams platform. The interviewer was humble and sweet. They started with the introduction of the student, followed by some basic questions about the language they have chosen. My language is Java, so the questions they’ve asked are like:

  •  Why JAVA is a platform Independent
  •  What is JVM, JDK?
  • What are constructors in JAVA? etc.  

Then they asked questions from DSA + OOPS. The questions were like :

  • What is Stack
  • What is Doubly Linked List
  • Did they ask for an example of a Doubly Linked list?
  • What is Polymorphism,?
  • The difference in Run time and Compile time Polymorphism?
  • Time complexities of some Sorting algorithms,?
  • The best and worst cases of Bubble and Quick Sort?
  • what is hashing?

Then they shared their screen and asked some coding questions like 

  • Find the Kth max element from the array without using any sorting algorithm. TC should be O(N).
  • Sort an array of 0s, 1s, and 2s, without using any sorting algorithm. TC should be O(N).
  • How can we show the left view of a BST.
  • How can we implement a Queue using Linked List.
  • Without knowing the end of the Linked list, find the Kth element from the Head of the list.

Around 125 students gave the interview out of which 20 got selected for the HR interview.

Round 4 (HR Interview): HR interview was also scheduled online. They asked simple questions like:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of yours, 
  • Why Nagarro,
  • will you do overtime for a week for a project,
  • what makes you happy and sad, how can you say you’re a team person,
  • how do you prioritize your work,
  • how will you persuade your ideas to your team leader, etc.

This interview was also 15-20 minutes. This was the last round. Nagarro took a total of 8 students out of 220-240 from this drive. 

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Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2022
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