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If-Then-___ Trio in Programming

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2023
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Learning to code is a bit like discovering magic spells, and one trio of spells you’ll encounter often is called “If-Then-___.” These spells help your code make decisions like a wizard choosing the right spell for a particular situation.

Let’s explore these magical incantations in simple terms.


Imagine you’re a wizard writing instructions for a friendly dragon. If-Then-Else is like telling the dragon what to do based on certain conditions:


if dragon_is_hungry:
elif dragon_is_sleepy:

Here, you’re saying, “If the dragon is hungry, feed it. If it’s sleepy, let it sleep. Otherwise, play with it!” This spell helps your code react differently depending on the situation.


Now, think of If-Then-Ternary as a quicker way to say something. It’s like using a magic phrase to decide what to wear based on the weather:

If-Then- Ternary

let outfit = (is_sunny) ? "Wear sunglasses!": "Bring an umbrella."

This short phrase says, “If it’s sunny, wear sunglasses. If not, bring an umbrella.” It’s a speedy way to make a decision in just one line!


Picture a magical shield keeping your code safe. That’s what If-Then-Throw does:


if (spell_level < 3) {
    throw new MagicProtectionError("Your magic level is too low.")

This spell checks if your magic level is high enough. If not, it throws a protection error to keep your magical world secure.


In the land of asynchronous magic, If-Then-Async/Await ensures your spells happen in the right order:


if (await hasPermission()) {
    await castSpell()
} else {
    console.log("You need permission for this spell.")

This magical spell patiently waits for permission before casting its magic. It’s like saying, “If you’re allowed, cast the spell; otherwise, let’s talk about it.”

When to use each If-Then-___ Trio in Programming?

  • If-Then-Else: Use it when you want your code to react differently based on different situations, like choosing activities for a friendly dragon.
  • If-Then-Ternary: Handy for making quick decisions in just one line, like figuring out what to wear based on the weather.
  • If-Then-Throw: Deploy it when you want to make sure certain conditions are met before doing something magical.
  • If-Then-Async/Await: In the world of asynchronous magic, use this spell to ensure things happen in the right order.

Remember, becoming a magical coder takes practice. The more you play with these spells, the more powerful your coding magic will become.

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