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HTML contextmenu Attribute

Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2024
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HTML contextmenu attribute is a global attribute that will be used to define a context-menu bar for an element. The value of the contextmenu attribute must be the same as the id of the <menu> element. 

So basically, A context menu seems upon user relations, such as when a user right-clicks on the element.  As know HTML5  allows us to customize this menu. Here are some implementation examples, including nested menus. 

Note: HTML contextmenu Attribute is not supported in HTML5.


<element contextmenu="menu_id">

Attribute Values: It contains the value menu_id which represents the id of the <menu> element to be opened. 

Examples of HTML contextmenu Attribute

Example: HTML code below illustrates the use of contextmenu attribute. 


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>HTML contextmenu attribute </title>
        h1 {
            color: green;
        <h2>HTML contextmenu attribute</h2>
        <div style="background:green;border:2px solid
                    #black;padding: 10px;"
            <p>A Computer Science Portal for Geeks</p>
            <menu type="context" id="geeks">
                <menu label="Share on...">
                    <menuitem label="Twitter"
"'//' + window.location.href);">
                    <menuitem label="Pinterest"
"'' + window.location.href);">
                <menuitem label="Email This Page"
        <p>A Computer Science Portal for Geeks</p>
        <p>Right click on green div and see the menuitem


HTML contextmenu Attribute

HTML contextmenu Attribute

Supported Browsers: 

HTML contextmenu Attribute no longer supports any browsers.

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