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How to open Terminal in Linux?

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The Shell or Command Prompt are common name for the Linux Terminal. The terminal was designed as a Linux File Browser, and this function is still carried out using it. You may traverse your files and undo changes made by using the Terminal as a File Browser. However, the very first step will be to Open Linux Terminal properly.

It is not as difficult as you would imagine working at the Linux Command Line. The command line is a program like any other. Thus, no particular skills are required to utilize it. The Ubuntu Terminal App may be used to do the majority of tasks. That is the reason, Linux has evolved to use Shortcut to Open Terminal Ubuntu by keeping its potential in mind.

In this article, we will discuss the steps required to Launch Terminal on Linux using different ways along with the shortcuts.

Quick Preview to Open Terminal on Linux:

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + T simultaneously to open the terminal.
  2. Or open Show Application in the Dash Bar & find out Terminal Application.
  3. Or execute the command gnome-terminal in the command dialogue opened using ALT + F2

Quick Highlights on Terminal of Linux OS:

  • Terminal is a Graphical User Interface that works with the commands.
  • The use of Terminals in Linux-based OS was first started in the 1970s.
  • There are a variety of Linux Terminal present like Bash, Zsh, Fish, etc.
  • In Linux, as Everything Is A File, accessing it becomes easy by Terminal.
  • The Linux Terminal can recall the commands used in the past.
  • The Linux Terminal can create remote access using Protocols.

Methods to Open Terminal in Linux

To Start Terminal in Linux, the following methods can be executed one by one. We will start with the Keyboard Shortcut process that will achieve the goal within a second.

Method 1: Open Terminal in Linux Using Keyboard Shortcut

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T Keys will instantly launch a Terminal window at any moment. The Linux GNOME Terminal window will immediately appear.


Method 2: Open Terminal in Linux Using Dash Button

Step 1: Go to your screen’s bottom left corner and select the Show Applications button from the Dash Bar.


Step 2: Find and activate the Terminal Shortcut by typing Terminal and pressing Enter. Additionally, you may click the Terminal Icon in the list of all apps that are displayed here.


Step 3: This will launch Linux Terminal.


Method 3: Open Terminal in Linux Using Command

Step 1: To enter the Run, a Command dialogue, you may alternatively use Alt+F2 Keys. Enter the following command to open a terminal window.

Command: gnome-terminal


Step 2: The Alt+F2 window also allows you to execute a variety of additional commands. However, as opposed to when the command is run in a regular window, you won’t see any information.


So, these are the simple processes that you can execute on your end to Execute Terminal on Linux. Opening a Linux Terminal with Shortcut is not enough to gain expertise in Linux OS. You also need to have a strong hold on Linux Commands to use the Terminal App on Linux properly.

FAQs to Open Terminal on Linux

How to open Terminal on Linux?

To open Terminal on Linux, the following steps should be performed carefully.

  1. Open Show Application in the Dash Bar.
  2. Search for the Terminal in the Search Bar.
  3. Open the Terminal App.

What is the shortcut for Terminal in Linux?

There is a shortcut present to promptly open Terminal on Linux. The shortcut is to press CTRL + ALT + T simultaneously to open the terminal at a glance on your Linux Screen. This shortcut is only possible when you are not inside any certain application where these keys are predefined as another operation.

Which Windows component is equivalent to Linus Terminal?

In every operating system, there should be one command line interface present and Windows is no different from that. However, there is no certain application present in Windows that can be the same efficient as the Linux Terminal. But still, the Windows Command Prompt can be the Terminal of Windows.

Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2024
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