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How to Install Eclipse for C++ on Linux?

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Eclipse is an IDE (integrated development environment) used for building software. It was initially released by IBM on 7 November 2001. Using eclipse, we can develop applications with Java, PHP, and C/C++ programming languages. It’s one of the most popular open-source IDE among developers. In today’s article, we are going to cover how we can install Eclipse for C/C++ Developers to develop applications in C or C++ on a Linux machine.

Installing Eclipse for C++ on Linux:

Follow the below step-by-step guide to install Eclipse for C/C++:

Step 1: Download the eclipse launcher by going through this link:

eclipse launcher

downloading the eclipse

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file using the following command:

tar -xvf eclipse-cpp-2021-09-R-linux-gtk-x86_54.tar.gz

The tar is a utility tool to make operations on archives, to extract, to make, to list, and to rename the archives. Here, -xvf flag stands for extract, verbose, and file.

Extract the downloaded file


Step 3: Navigate to the extracted folder and run the following commands to install Alacarte menu that will help us to create a desktop shortcut for Eclipse.

After extracting the eclipse installer, create a shortcut for the launcher:

Alacarte is a menu editor for the GNOME desktop. It is written in Python. It has been part of GNOME since the 2.16 release. To install the Alacarte for creating a custom shortcut icon.

sudo apt-get install alacarte
install alacarte

installing alacarte

Step 4: Configuring the shortcut by running the alacarte:

Creating shortcut

Creating shortcut

In the first step click on the New item button on the right side, a pop-up window will open as in the above figure. Select executable from the extracted folder and click on the ok button. This will create a shortcut application in the programs.

Step 5: To launch the eclipse simple search for Eclipse, a icon will appear and click enter. This will launch the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse installed

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2021
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