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How to Install Dash in Python on Linux?

Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2022
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Dash library in Python is a framework developed to create custom web analytic applications. Dash library has a custom user interface which makes it beat for building data analysis applications. Dash library is a cross-platformed library that works on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. So, in this article, we will be installing the Dash library in Python on the Linux Operating system.

Installing a dash package on Linux using PIP


To install the dash package in Linux we have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Install the latest version of Python3 on Linux Machine using the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install python3


Step 2: Now, install the pip module which is required to install and manage all the packages of Python3 using the following command:

sudo apt install python3-pip


Step 3: Now, install the dash package by using the following command:

sudo pip3 install dash


Verifying dash package installation on Linux using PIP

To verify if the dash package has been successfully installed in your system run the below command in Terminal:

python3 -m pip show dash

You’ll get the following output if the installation is completed successfully in your system.


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