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How to Enable and Use Clipboard History in Windows?

Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2021
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If you are a computer user, then you need to copy text, images, and various links frequently. Windows Clipboard History allows users to view and use the items copied by the user. To view this you just need to press the Windows logo key + V. Here is a guide to how you can enable and use clipboard history in Windows.

Clipboard History in Windows

Windows Clipboard history can save text, HTML, and images that are less than 4 MB in size. It stores a maximum of 25 entries of copied data, including images, text, links, etc. Also, you can pin some items which are frequently needed by you, like your Email Id, College name, etc.

How to Enable Clipboard History in Windows 10

Turning on clipboard history is very simple. You can do it via two methods.

Method 1: 

Press Windows + V on your keyboard and one pop-up will appear which tells you that it can’t show history and asks you to turn on clipboard history. If you press the Turn On button, it will now start to save your copied data.

Click on the Turn On button and turn history on.

Method 2:

1. Go to the search box present at the left corner of your screen and search for “Clipboard Setting“.

Open clipboard settings by searching in the search box

2. In the clipboard settings, find the Clipboard history option and turn that toggle ON.

Turn ON clipboard history toggle from settings

That’s all to enable the clipboard history. Now, whenever you press Windows + V, you will see a small window that shows the most recent items copied by you, which may be images, text, or URL’s. You need to click on any item in the Clipboard history list to paste it wherever you want.

Clipboard history window

Keep in mind that clipboard history vanishes after you restart your computer. Hence, if you want to save a particular item permanently on your clipboard, you need to pin it by clicking on three dots in the top-right corner. 

You’ll get three options in the top-right corner:

  1. Delete: Permanently remove an item from your clipboard history.
  2. Pin: Keep an item even if you clear all the history or restart your PC.
  3. Clear all: Delete all items from your clipboard history except pinned items.

Three options in the clipboard history

So this is how you can view and paste items that were copied previously. Clipboard history is a very useful feature for you if you need to paste multiple items at a time. You can copy multiple things at the same time and then paste one by one using the Windows + V keyboard shortcut.

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