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How to add footer in New Google Sites ?

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Footers are the most important part of the website as they contain all the contact information of the company or the person in charge. Without a proper footer, a website is incomplete and you would be glad to know that you can add footers in the site made at Google Site platform and its display is totally optional. To add a footer in your site follow the steps mentioned in this article.

  • Go to your site editor page and scroll down to the bottom of any one page.

  • You will notice an add-footer button, click it to add a footer.

  • After filling the footer the site will look like.


  • You can edit the footer whenever you wish to do.
  • You can add a footer to any page it is automatically set to all the pages.
  • You can also hide/show footer page wise.

Hide the footer: To hide the footer fellow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the bottom of the page and hover over the footer page you will find two-button, one to edit and one to hide.

  • Click the hide footer button to hide the footer. If you wish to show it, just click the button back to show the footer.

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Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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