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History of DBMS

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Data is a collection of facts and figures. The data collection was increasing day to day and they needed to be stored in a device or a software which is safer.

Charles Bachman was the first person to develop the Integrated Data Store (IDS) which was based on network data model for which he was inaugurated with the Turing Award (The most prestigious award which is equivalent to Nobel prize in the field of Computer Science.). It was developed in early 1960’s.

In the late 1960’s, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) developed the Integrated Management Systems which is the standard database system used till date in many places. It was developed based on the hierarchical database model. It was during the year 1970 that the relational database model was developed by Edgar Codd. Many of the database models we use today are relational based. It was considered the standardized database model from then.

The relational model was still in use by many people in the market.Later during the same decade (1980’s), IBM developed the Structured Query Language (SQL) as a part of R project. It was declared as a standard language for the queries by ISO and ANSI. The Transaction Management Systems for processing transactions was also developed by James Gray for which he was felicitated the Turing Award.

Further, there were many other models with rich features like complex queries, datatypes to insert images and many others. The Internet Age has perhaps influenced the data models much more. Data models were developed using object oriented programming features, embedding with scripting languages like Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) for queries. With humongous data being available online, DBMS is gaining more significance day by day.

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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