HCL Interview for Experienced (L2/L3 protocol development)

Round 1:(30 mins)

It was Face to Face Interview. Interviewer asked the below questions.

1) Self Introduction

2) Explain roles and responsibility in last project

3) Explain storage classes in C

4) constant pointer, pointer to constant difference

5) Dynamic memory allocation malloc, calloc, realloc. How does free() knows the size of the memory to be freed.

6) find middle element of linked-list

7) consumer producer problem

8) linux commands to search for a file, to find memory occupied by processes

Round 2:(15 mins)

It was a telephonic interview with the manager.

Interviewer asked about my role in previous company and asked me question on vlan, basic switching and routing etc.,

Round 3:(10 mins)

It was also a telephonic interview with HR.

1) Brief about yourself

2) why do you want to change company?

3) why HCL

4) job location and salary discussions


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