Wipro Interview for Experienced (L2/L3 protocol development)

Round 1:(45 mins)

It was a telephonic interview. Full technical interview they wanted to check the in depth knowledge on basic networking concepts and protocols i worked on.

C :-

1) Delete the node with value x in a Singly Linked List

2) Void, Wild  and Dangling pointers

3) Function pointers and where we will use function pointers

4) Threads and synchronization methods (mutex, semaphores)

5) How to debug segmentation fault with GDB


1) Why VLAN ? Tell practical scenario for VLANs

2) Access and Trunk ports

3) Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) – full convergence steps (timers, types of BPDUS, drawbacks, Guards)

4) How is RSTP differ from STP? RSTP convergence on link failure


6) Routing Information protocol(RIP) – versions, drawback of version 1, timers, route poisoning, count to infinity problem, split horizon

7) BGP vs OSPF (practical usage)

Round 2:(30 mins)

It was a Face to Face interview with Project manager.

Interviewer asked about my role in previous company and some programming questions on C

1) Count number of set bits in a number

2) Insert a value in sorted Doubly Linked List (handle corner cases)

3) Implement circular queue using array (Enqueue, Dequeue, full and empty check)

4) Global and local static variables

5) Dynamic memory allocation

6) usage of volatile keyword

7) Difference between mutex and semaphores

8) Explain BGP protocol (states, messages, timers, route reflector, IBGP, EBGP)

Round 3:(10 mins)

It was a telephonic interview.

1) Brief about yourself

2) why do you want to change company?



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