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HashedIn Interview Experience for Software Engineer-II (Bangalore)

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I applied for this job through the InstaHyre job portal. 

Round 1: This was a technical round and basically based on DS & Algo. Three coding questions were asked –

  1. Given a string, find the minimum number of operations required to convert this string to a palindromic string. The only operations allowes are – insertion, deletion and replacing an character.
  2. Given an array, find the greater element of every element to its right. If there is no such element then assign it -1.
  3. Find the total possible ways to reach the end of a staircase of size n. You can take 1 or 2 or 3 steps at any point.

Round 2: This was also a technical round only and was a system design round. I was asked to design a BookMyShow system. Mainly focus was on DB design and API design.

Round 3: This was a managerial round and in this round mainly questions were asked based on the current role and some behavioural questions.

Verdict – Selected.

The interview was not very difficult. The interviewers were good and supported during the course of the interview.

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Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021
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