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Goldman Sachs Interview | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019
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Goldman Sachs visited our campus for full time.  The selection process consisted of 4 rounds for most of the students but it was 3 round for me and got selected.

Round 1: Online Test

This round consisted of coding questions and Technical MCQs and HR questions. The test was conducted on the Hackerrank platform.

In MCQ they asked puzzles, probability and statistics, DBMS, Operating system, Algorithm and Data structure.

there are 18 MCQs. I remember only a few of them

  1. Monkey and Door puzzle
  2. if you have 6 processes and 7 resource then find the condition of deadlock ( simplified version)

there were 3 coding  questions :

  1. using  O(1) extra space duplicate the occurrence of 2 in an array in minimum time complexity . for eg if you have an array [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] you have to return [1, 2, 2, 3, 4]
  2. there is DP question. the question is like you are the owner of a news channel and you have a show which starts at 0 and end at M min  . and you have N number of advertisements and each of them of 1 min duration. in the question, the rating of each advertisement and the starting time is given. You have to generate the maximum rating during the show if the minimum time gap between two advertisement is 4 min.

in HR Question part, they asked two questions, should be written in 150-200 words

  1. if you have end semester exam next week also you have an important interview with a prestigious company you really want to join in future. what you will do.
  2. if vice-president of your college is involved in leaking question paper which is scheduled tomorrow and upload on some online platform. what you will do.

30 people were selected for the further round.

Round 2: personal interview

  • Asked me to give an overview of my internships.
  • aked me the boundary traversal of a binary tree with a modification  I first have to take the left side(up to bottom), the bottom part( left to right) then right side ( up to bottom )
  • second question was like there are houses in a binary tree associated with some property value. there was a robber he wants to loot the houses. but if he loots one house he cannot loot its neighbour. Find the maximum property the robber can get.
  • Asked some questions related to java and python(mainly OOPs related) as from projects and internships, it is reflected that java and python are my primary programming language.
  • then asked me to implement an iterator over a binary search tree (BST) in java.


Round 3: Personal Interview

  • first asked me about my last internship. it is around 30 min discussion what I did. The questions during the discussion were like what you use for this purpose, is there any alternative, why don’t use them . also asked me to write rough code for some part.
  • then asked me puzzle how to keep 50 red and 50 blue colour marble in two bottles such a way that finding a red marble is maximum.
  • then asked me to solve the bridge puzzle.
  • after that asked to code for maximum water trapping for a given bar.
  • Then I was asked a modified version of 1000 bottle of wine riddle.

Finally, 6 students were selected for the profile including me.

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