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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2021
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Round 1(Coderpad 1 hour): 2 coding problems were asked in this round.

  1. Find first non-repeating character in a string consisting of lowercase alphabets only.
  2. Implement hashmap with insertion and search in O(1) time complexity.

Round 2(Technical 1 hour): 2 coding problems were asked in this round.

  1. Given a binary tree, return sum of nodes lying in a diagonal from top left to bottom right. Reference:
  2. Given a NxN tray of oranges. All oranges are fresh except one. The rotten orange is able to rot other neighboring oranges in a single day. the neighboring oranges are considered in 4 direction which are top, left, right and bottom. Find the minimum number of days required for entire tray to be rotten. Reference:

Round 3(Technical 1 hour): 2 problems were asked in this round

  1. Designing a basic banking application.
  2. Find max sum path from 2 sorted arrays. Reference:


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