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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience 2021 | 2 Years Experienced

Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2021
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Round 1(Online Assessment): (HackerRank)

Two medium problems.

I don’t remember the exact problems, but one was based on array and other was a DP problem.

Round 2(CoderPad Round): In this round after some discussion related to my experience, interviewer directly jumped to coderpad(a collaborative platform to write and compile code) where interviewer gave me two questions.

  2. Other was some string manipulation and maximum average calculation problem. In this round, all the given test cases should pass.

    [{“Bob”,”87″}, {“Mike”, “35”},{“Bob”, “52”}, {“Jason”,”35″},
    {“Mike”, “55”}, {“Jessica”, “99”}]
    Output: 99

    Explanation: Since Jessica’s average is greater than Bob’s, Mike’s and Jason’s average.

  3. After atleast 15 days later, recruiter set up 2 technical rounds in one day.

    Round 3(Technical-1): In this round, interviewer started with an introduction and then asked me to explain my current project. After this discussion, he gave a problem on DP and one binary tree balancing problem.

    1. Convert a normal BST to Balanced BST. 
    2. Two players A and B playing a game to pick number from the ends of array turn by turn. We have to maximize guarantee win for A. This a DP problem. I explained dp approach and then a greedy approach.

    Then they asked me to code and run some test cases, they were pretty much convinced. 

    Round 4(Technical-2): In this round also, interviewer started with an introduction, and then we had a discussion on one of my projects.

    1. After this discussion, he gave a problem on anagrams. (
    2. Smallest subarray with sum greater than a given value. (
    3. Internal working of hashmap.
    4. Find row number of a binary matrix having maximum number of 1s.(
    5. Why I am a good fit for Goldman Sachs?”

    I answered all the questions and they seems pretty much convinced.

    Two days later i got a call from HR for the final design technical and HR round.

    Round 5(Technical-3): V.P

    1. Data Structure Design Question- X interviewers and Y candidates – interview to be scheduled so that maximum interviews can be possible and candidate don’t have to sit idle. After every interview interviewer need 15 min rest. and after a candidate is rejected no further rounds for him. I designed it through map and queue. Then they asked me to code. The lead interviewer doesnt seems convinced and she moved to next questions.
    2. Find all the pair of elements in an array that sum up to a given Value K.
    3. Find all the triplets of elements in an array that sum up to a given Value K.
    4. Missing numbers in an array containing 1 million elements. They asked me not to use set collection in this.

    I solved this with boolean frequency array.

    The round went good and 2 of the 3 interviewers seem convinced.

    Round 6: Managerial (V.P.)

    • This was scheduled but they told we will let you know.
    • 3 hours of waiting I got a mail, currently, we are not going ahead with your application further.

    Final verdict: Rejected

    • The interview experience was very good as the interviewers and HR were helpful and polite.


    1. Prepare yourself before any interview.
    2. Be calm & answer politely.

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