Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (For 2 years experienced)

I’d received a call from recruiter on Linkedin. My preferred language was Java.
Coderpad Round1 (1 hour, 2 questions): I took around 50 mins for fixing edge case in O(n) solution. So interviewer didn’t give second question as rest of the time went into test cases writing.

Coderpad Round2 (1 hour, 2 questions): (Allowed complexity: Time: O(n), Space: O(n))

Telephonic Round:

Face to Face round (30 mins):

Tips :

  • Apart from DS, System design; Prepare the domain (language/skill set/frameworks/projects) in deep.
  • Be prepared for case studies or specific scenario kinda questions.
  • Do not exaggerate on CV if you can’t cover it up in Interview.
  • DS questions were of easy level. They ask design questions in same number as much as DS questions so be prepared for System design and distributed system related questions as well.
  • Communication is the key. Portraying your own thoughts/knowledge to someone is important.

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