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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience 2021 | 4+ Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021

I gave the Goldman Sachs interview this year in June. The whole process took 2 weeks. I had 3 rounds on a single day and after that there was a manager round.

Online HackerRank Test:


Screening Round:

  1. Find a given string is Pangram or not
  2. Given 2-d array with student name and marks find the best avg marks of any student

Round 1:

  1. Given alphabetical array
a b c d e  f g h I j  
k l m n o  p q r s t
 u v w x y
 z. Start from [0,0] and create a string path to make a given string. To take a letter use T
 to go down, use D. To go left use L. To go up use U
    If the given string is = “abmd”
    The output is =. “TRTRDDTRUUT”

    You can print any output just take of z as you can’t way go down all the way to z’s row to reach z you have to go via `u` only

  2. Given a sorted array print the any 2 numbers whose sum is closest to given number

Round 2:

  2. Design a Library management System
  3. Some Java questions were asked related to concurrent hashmap, Java callable methods

Round 3:

  1. System design question – need to design to detect anomaly in stock purchasing:- need to store previous stock purchase in a different table and use that

It was medium level interview, and I got selected.

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