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Goldman Sachs Engineering Campus Hiring Program – Aptitude Test

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2022
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As Goldman Sachs released the schedule for Engineering Campus Hiring Program under which – 

Aptitude Round – 16th January,

It’s aptitude round was a proctored exam (Camera off) on Hackerrank under which students are randomly allotted the slots in the day and the test was of 90 min with 66 questions. The distributions of questions are as follows:

  1. Numerical Computation: 8 questions (This section includes all the questions with a mathematical tough of probability, Permutation and Combination, and other basics concepts) This section was of easy level but due to time constraints while doing the questions it sounds a bit tough.
  2. Abstract Reasoning:12 questions (Mostly What is the next figure in the series) This was the easiest section.
  3. Comprehension Based: 10 questions (In this few general stories were given and need to answer the questions.)
  4. Diagrammatic Reasoning:12 questions (questions like given some patterns find the value of ?)
  5. Logical Reasoning:12 questions (It included basics of patterns type questions and out of that 2 was of basics of computer architecture (combinations of AND, NOT, OR gates))
  6. Numerical Reasoning: 12 questions (some basic puzzles type questions again with mathematical touch)

All these 66 questions were of type MCQs with +5 for the correct answer and -2 for the wrong answer.

Apart from these two subjective questions were also included (each of 10 marks). These both were HR based questions out of which one was asking indirectly that; what motivates you to follow your goals and others was like a practical situation; if your college final exam and interview of your dream company will be on the same day, then what will you choose.

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