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Goldman Sachs Interview | Set 2 (On-Campus for Analyst)

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Thanks GeeksForGeeks for helping me prepare for my placements. Here’s my experience.


My interview experience for Goldman Sachs ( On campus process) ( For analyst position, strategic division ) :

Written Test:

There was a lengthy written test consisting of objective as well as subjective questions. Preparation of fundamentals of algorithms and computer science subjects would be good. In addition to that GS sets lots of questions to check your quantitative ability, so be prepared for that.

Round 1:

There were lot of puzzles( approximately 8-10). To solve the most of the puzzles you need to be good at probability and number theory. Practicing these kind of puzzles will definitely help, but be prepared to face fresh and really challenging puzzles. No matter how well you have practiced, they will give you some puzzles which you never heard before.

Round 2:

My interviewer asked me about my projects and we discussed almost all of them. There were lot of cross questions based on the discussion. He asked me to design few systems for given problems and asked few more puzzles. Interviewer was really friendly and this interview went good.

Round 3:

Again the interviewer discussed about the projects and asked two puzzles. This round was shortest of all four.

Round 4:

This was the longest round and toughest of all four. Interviewer started with one of my project and soon moved to ask lot of designing questions. He also asked about few of the theories and models of Mathematics and Machine Learning( I had few projects on Machine Learning). He asked me few questions on DBMS as well. Then he asked me 3 more puzzles. Then he asked me few simple questions on algorithms.

All the interview rounds took approximately 40 minutes. All the interviewers at GS were very good and very helpful, so do consider the hints given by them when you are stuck at any point. To prepare for GS you have to be good at Mathematics( specially topics like probability and number theory ) and very strong at your basics in Computer Science. Good Luck.

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Last Updated : 09 Feb, 2014
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