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GlobalLogic Interview Experience | Set 1 (On- Campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2017

Recently, GlobalLogic visited our campus for full-time recruitment. There was an online round followed by 1 GD and 3 interview rounds(2 Tech + 1 HR).
Round 1: Online Round
The first round comprised of 40 MCQuizzes questions and 3 programming questions to be solved in 2 hours. MCQs were based on  aptitude, logical, C output questions, OOP questions.
Following are  the coding questions asked :

2.) Given two numbers a and b and we have to find out Nth number divisible by either a or b. Input will be given in the form of a, b, n.
Input : 2 3 10
Output : 15

3.) Given n, which is the number of strings taken as input. For each input use have to print “YES” or “NO” whether the current string is already present or not.




I have solved 2 coding questions and have attempted all MCQs (there were no negative marking). After this 21 students were selected for the Group Discussion Round. There is individual cut-offs for both the sections.

Round 2:  Group Discussion Round
The second round was Group Discussion. Students were divided in group of 7 students. We were given the topic “Flexible timing vs Fixed timings”.

After this round, 12 students were shortlisted for 3rd round.

Round 3:  (Technical Interview Round-1)

1.) Why GlobalLogic ?

2.) Given a string, write full code of reversing that string word by word.

3.) Write full code of sorting an array which consist of only 3 distinct numbers 3,4 and 5 . Size of array is not known.

4.) Given 9 balls out of which 1 ball is defected . You have one weighing machine to weight the balls. You can use  that weighing machine atmost 2 times to weight the balls. How will you find out which ball is defected  ?

5.) Given an task apart from coding , will you be comfortable with it ? (Interviewer asked me this because I have told the interviewer that I like algorithms and coding).

6.) Any questions which you would like to ask from us ?

After this round, 7 students were shortlisted for 4th round.

Round 4: (Technical Interview Round-2)

1.) Tell me about yourself ?

2.) Tell about the software engineering project you have done in your engineering ? Also, Interviewer asked  some questions on my software engineering project. (This I have mentioned in my resume)

3.) Explain Agile Software Development Methodology ? Then some basic discussion on this methodology. ( This also I have mentioned in my resume)

4.) Tell the practical  applications of Linked List, Array and Queue .

5.)  Any questions which you would like to ask from us ?
After this 6 students were shortlisted for 5th round.

Round 5: (HR round)

1.) Why GlobalLogic ?

2.) Why you have taken a drop year and why you decided to go to kota after 10th ?

3.) If you are given a task apart from the work you like, will you be able to do it ?

4.) How do you came to know about GlobalLogic ?

5.) Any questions which you would like to ask from us.

Finally, 4 students were selected. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

Good Luck !!


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