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GeeksforGeeks Discord is LIVE – Join Our Ever Growing Tech Community!

Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2022
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GeeksforGeeks Discord is live now and is inviting all the techies including developers and programmers around the world aboard our tech community. Our discord channels vary from tech-related updates, building hackathon teams, tech job alerts, tech mentorship, and many more exciting channels are coming up for you to join to discuss topics of your liking – all under one roof.



Get the latest announcement about our courses, videos, sales, and social media updates on our servers. Our GeeksforGeeks discord community helps you to meet coding fanatics who share the same passion as you and connects you with mentors from the tech world who provide doubt assistance whenever and wherever you need it. 

GeeksforGeeks Discord Channels


If you’re a coder and love to rack your brain while brushing up your coding skills, we’ve got you covered. Our “POTD Discussion” aka the Problem of The Day Discussion discord channel is created to give you one programming problem based on Data Structures and Algorithms every day.

Cultivate a habit of coding and satisfy your code-hungry cells while earning geekbits and making geekbits streaks by solving problems every day. Encash the streaks for exciting rewards. To know more about POTD, check our GFG POTD Practice Portal.


What if we tell you that you don’t need to read 100+ tech blogs to get the latest tech gadget news? Our chill space channel “Tech Talks” covers all the awesome updates of the tech world. Have a question regarding tech gadgets? Drop us a line on our discord channel and our moderators will reply to your query in a jiffy.


Joining our discord community isn’t enough. We encourage you to introduce yourself on our “Tech Skill Arsenal” channel and connect with programmers and coders around the world to share technical knowledge and have fun at the same time.


Looking for coders who can join your A-team to compete in hackathons? Jump into our discord channel “Build Hackathon Teams” where we’ll help you to connect with the community and build an all-star team for hackathons to slay the competition.

Get all the updates about ongoing and future hackathons events in one place and compete with your A-class team.


Job hunting in the tech sector has become a headache for most fresh graduates as the competition is too tough, and the vacancy count is too low. Being fresh out of college with little to no experience and no one to guide you, it becomes difficult to search for jobs that suit your liking.

Our Discord channel “Find Tech Jobs” is here to take that worry from you. Get software developer or other tech-based job updates from the community members and apply for the job that tickles your fancy.


When was the last time you got your programming queries answered by top industry experts for free? GeeksforGeeks made sure that you are not burdened with any kind of queries – be it finding jobs, preparing for interviews, or finding a solution for a programming problem.

Our top mentors in the discord channel “Ask the mentor”  are always ready to help you as thoroughly as they can. Drop your questions in the channel and our mentors will get back to you with answers and relevant links that can resolve your doubts within minutes.


If you’re a meme lord of your college group and want to earn quick bucks by creating OG memes, our discord group “Share Memes” is your one-stop destination.  Register for our meme contests exclusively on our discord channel and win guaranteed rewards.

GeeksforGeeks Discord not only offers channels where you can learn and grow but also offer fun games to play with. Want to explore more about our Discord channels and dive into the exclusive tech community? Join the GeeksforGeeks discord community now.

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