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GE India Interview Questions

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Below is the list of Questions asked in GE interview for a java developer:

1. How to find the 3rd element from end in linked list in Java (Java Program to find the Nth Node from
tail in linked list)
2. Write producer consumer problem?
3. wait, notify and notifyall whose methods?
4. Why wait, notify and notifyall are declared in Object class?
5. Can Notify be called after wait?
6. find max occurring char from a char array?
7. What is significance of Spring?
8. what is loose coupling?
9. What is dependency injection?
10. how to use dependency injection?
11. Suppose a validator interface is there, 3 validators are implementing the interface. There is a service to use one of the validators. How to do that?
12. how to limit the scope in a spring bean to only 2 bean instance per Spring IoC container?
13. suppose there is a service having 3 tasks, how to complete these tasks through 3 threads and return
the combined result back to the service?
14. write the program using fork join pool?
15. write the program using callable interface?
16. write the program using executor framework?
17. difference between notify and notifyall?
18. how will you write programs using threads in such a manner that it should not throw outOfMemory
19. what is callback method in jquery?
20. document.ready in jquery?
21. what is the difference between import package.* and import package.classname?
22. what is class loader?
23. suppose there are 3 colours(Black, Red and Yellow) and each colour signifies a fruit having some
properties. what design pattern to use here ?

Hope this helps to prepare for the interview.

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Last Updated : 12 Nov, 2018
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