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Interview Oracle India | Set 24 (For 5 Years Experienced)

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Round 1:

First round was multiple choice question based on Core Java on inheritance, exception handling, type erasure, threading etc.

Round 2:

Second round was coding round and the questions asked to me to code was as follows –

Priyanka works for an international toy company that ships by container. Her task is to the determine the lowest cost way to combine her orders for shipping.

She has a list of item weights. The shipping company has a requirement that all items loaded in a container must weigh less than or equal to 4 units plus the weight of the minimum weight item. All items meeting that requirement will be shipped in one container.

What is the smallest number of containers that can be contracted to ship the items based on the given list of weights?

Input Format

The first line contains an integer , the number of orders to ship.
Next line will contain  integers,  , representing the orders in a weight array.

Output Format

Return the integer value of the number of containers Priyanka must contract ot ship all of the toys.


Sample Input

1 2 3 21 7 12 14 21

Sample Output


Round 3:

This round was face to face . He asked me questions on

1.hibernate(versioning, many to one mapping etc..)

2.code matrix problem . A 2n+1 (odd) size square matrix is given . We have to check if the centre element is equal to the individual sum of all the half diagonals in only ONE for loop . For example –

5*5 matrix –

M =   2   9   1   4   -2

6   7   2   11   4

4    2  9  2   4

1   9   2    4   4

0   2   4   2   5


Sum of Half Diagonal 1 = 2+7=9

Sum of Half Diagonal 2 = 9+0=9

Sum of Half Diagonal 3 = 11 + -2 = 9

Sum of Half Diagonal 4 = 5+4 = 9

All the sums equal to the centre element that is M [2][2]=9, Hence return true or if any on of the sums of half diagonals doesnt match to the centre element, return false.


3. a puzzle to find a defective ball amongst a collection of balls

4. A way to synchronise booking of same seat on bookmyshow without using synchronisation like locks .

Round 4:

Design Round – Asked me to design a online retail System like Amazon taking into account the Customer, the Seller, the logistics and asked me to come up with database tables .

Round 5 :

Managerial Round –

He asked me few questions on my previous projects, nature of work that i have done, few behavioural questions and one coding question.


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Last Updated : 24 Mar, 2018
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