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Gamified Assessments Experience

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There are many companies that take gamified assessments as a part of the Technical Round. Lessor no people know about it. Along with Aptitude questions, one should have a bit of knowledge of gamified assessments too.

As the name suggests, Gamified Assessments means game-based ability test. Gamification in recruitment is all about gamifying the components of the hiring process – most notably, the assessment stages. However, let’s be clear, it isn’t about introducing frivolous games into the hiring manager’s decision-making process. Nor is it about making tests or assessments out of games (otherwise known as game-based assessment). Gamified assessments are entirely different. 

Gamified assessments take robust, scientific psychometric tests and introduce some elements of gaming (such as progressing through levels, earning points, or getting badges) to create a more engaging and contemporary-looking online test.

  • The result is a psychometric test. This is no different from a traditional psychometric test in that it measures the abilities it is designed to measure. However, it has some gaming components built around it. Can read more about it on –

As there are limited sources available for it. I’m suggesting some sites where you can practice certain gamified assessments:

  3. One can take certain useful courses on

Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2021
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