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Flipkart Interview | Set 16

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  • Last Updated : 27 May, 2019
  • 1st round ( machine coding round)
    Write down code in any language for a simple employee hierarchy which has 3 types of employees.

    1. CEO
    2. Manager
    3. Employee

    where an employee can have only 1 mgr, and a mgr has 1+ employees.

    We were asked to input employee details(name, id, salary, rating etc) in any order (employees might be input before his manager), create the hierarchy and implement these functionalities:

    1. Print hierarchy given any employee/mgr/CEO (used an n-ary tree + hash table)
    2. Given a bonus and performance rating of each employee divide it to the lowest level employees(in the hierarchy ) in the ratio of their rating. i.e 100 divided among 2:3 is 40 and 60. and print the bonus of each ( simple recursive solution)
    3. Top 10 employees with ratio of bonus:salary (used maxheap)

    Write working code, modular, extensible, corner case handling etc. was around 1.5 – 2 hrs

  • 2nd round
    discussion on your solution of the 1st round, how can you optimize it, then a review of the written code

  • 3rd round
    DS and ALGO

    1. Snakes and ladders problem
    2. Median in a stream of integers
    3. string searching (KMP / suffix tree was needed: not code just the logic)
    4. Given any language, you use libraries, which might use more lib etc. Find the order of building the libraries (Topological sort)
    5. Given a server with a stack with some initial state say 1 User can modify the stack using regular ops eg push 2, pop etc and each op causes a version change. i.e version 1 : 1 , version 2 : 2,1 , version 3 : 3,2,1 , version 4 : 2,

    You have to design it s.t. person can ask for any version of the stack (keep copies every k times and keep the ops in nonvolatile memory)

  • 4th round
    • Design a new kind of an online poker game
    • Give all entities and relationships in depth
    • Further in-depth discussion of how to make it more HA friendly, how to
    • Handle players crashing etc
  • 5th round
    • HM round
    • In-depth discussion of projects and general questions eg when you disagreed with your mgr etc

    The process was crisp and took place from 10 AM – 5 PM on a weekend in Bangalore

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