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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 48 (For SDE-1)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2018

Round 1: Telephonic Round (90 minutes)
It was a telephonic round. The interviewer started with brief discussion about my projects and technologies I know. Then he asked me following questions:

  1. Given an unsorted array – arr find a pair arr[i] & arr[j] such that  arr[i]<arr[j] & i<j and (arr[i] + arr[j]) is maximum. 
    Expected time complexity – O(n)
    Follow up question – extend this to finding triplet such that arr[i]<arr[j]<arr[k] i<j<k and (arr[i] + arr[j] + arr[k]) is maximum.
  2. Given a snake & ladder board with only ladders and no snakes, find the minimum times one has to roll dice to reach the destination.
    Follow up question – include snakes on the board and find the same.

After this round they called me for F2F interview.

Round 2: Machine Coding Round (90 minutes)..
This round one has to code to a give problem. I was asked to code a TextPad with following functionality:

  • display() – to display the entire content
  • display(n, m) – to display from line n to m
  • insert(n, text) – to insert text at line n
  • delete(n) – delete line n
  • delete(n, m) – delete from line n to m
  • copy(n, m) – copy contents from line n to m to clipboard
  • paste(n) – paste contents from clipboard to line n
  • undo() – undo last command
  • redo() – redo last command
    They expected the textpad to be in memory(not as file). They also  expected to handle error gracefully and the program to be menu driven.

Round 3: F2F interview. (1 hour)
In this round they asked two questions:

  1. LRU cache implementation
  2. Stock-Span problem with also printing dates of stock purchased and sold.

Then he went through my current work and had a discussion over how I implemented certain scenarios and how I measured performance of the product. He was interested in knowing design/architecture of the solution we implemented.

Round 4: F2F interview (2 hour)

In this round he started with projects that I  was part of in my current work and had a lengthy discussions on it.
He also asked me questions on what I would change if I had to  redo my projects for a cloud environment.
He also asked questions on distributed systems, load balancer and concurrency.
Lots of questions around how to measure key metrics of the products.

Note : I had to code all of the problems.

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