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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 39

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2016
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 Telephonic Round:
1. How do you code Producer-Consumer problem ?
2. There is a requirement in Flipkart to show minimum price in the last 30 days, which data structure should be used for this ?
3. One DP problem, There are 10 houses in a row. A thief can’t pick money from the adjacent houses, how much maximum money he can make with this condition ?
Skype Round Question:

The Firing List

There is down-turn in the ship-building industry. Ace Shipping Corp (ASC) wants to be prepared by having a system that will help evaluate the total cost saving they will achieve if they were to ‘let go’ some employees.

Following are the rules for drawing up this Firing List:

  1. Each manager at every level in the organization will have to contribute ‘heads’ from his team to the firing list

  2. The input to the system would be a small integer k (=1,2, etc) which would be the number of employees chosen per manager. The output would be the total cost saved for this k. Different values of k would give an idea of the total cost saving achieved.

  3. The primary selection criteria is Performance Rating. k employees with the minimum rating under a given manager are to be selected.

  4. If two employees have the same rating, the one with the higher salary gets selected (to maximize cost saved)

  5. The activity might be requested for the sub-org under any manager. The default is to consider the entire org.

  6. Although total number of reportees for a manager is usually of the order of 10, it could possibly be a much larger number in some org too. An optimal way of choosing the k reportees would be preferred.

The following information needs to get stored per Employee:

  • Employee ID (unique)

  • Name

  • Performance Rating (1-5, 1 is lowest, 5 is highest)

  • Salary (Rs)


Onsite Round 1 :
     1. Code Bracket Validator.
     2. Find the number of times a sorted array has been rotated.
     3. Topological sort.

Hiring Manager Round :
     1. Tell me about your project.
     2. Some HR questions.
     3. Tell me features you want to have in an online rental site.

An example org structure is given below with the cost saving achieved for  (E1, k=2) and (E4, k=1) respectively

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