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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 27 (For SDE)

Last Updated : 24 May, 2015
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Telephonic Round: It was an exploratory discussion with the hiring manager. More about the current work and behavioral questions.

Machine Coding Round:
Design and build tic tac toe game. The code should be up and running. It should be scalable to multi-users and nXn grid.

Discussion of Machine Coding Round:

Follow up questions on various modifications like introduction of not-allowed block in the tic tac toe grid, different winning criteria for different users and so on.

Algorithms and DS Round:

1.Given a large string a and a smaller string b . Find the minimum size window in the string a which contains all the characters of the string b.
2. Some question on job scheduling which I can’t remember.

Design Round:
Design a cricket series. Extend it to olympics.

Hiring Manager: In depth explanation of current work and behavioural questions.

Thanks to GFG!! 🙂

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