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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2023
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Flipkart has a fixed format for interviews. First round Online assessment (OA). Next 2 rounds DSA interview. The last round is hiring a manager.

1. OA – It had 3 questions. I think 2 were greedy and 3rd was based on DFS/BFS.

2.1st DSA round:

First asked me to introduce myself. In total, he asked 2 DSA questions, which I solved. The questions are :

1. Length of maximum sub-string without repeating characters.

2.if /c=10,b/e=2,r/t=5 , here / is division operator. You have to find whether various division operations are possible or not, and if possible then give a solution. EXAMPLE – r/a, is not possible a/c=0.1.

The solution can be solved easily by constructing a graph and applying DFS from the numerator(e.g. r/a. start dfs from r). and checking if we can reach denominator(a). If the denominator is found then division is possible else not.

In the graph, you can store the value of the edge as the value of that division eg for a/c=10 a->c=10 and c->a=0.1

If we find the denominator then multiply the values of all the edges to get the value of division.

3.2nd round:

He directly started after introducing himself.he also asked 2 questions and i have solved both of them.the questions are

1.Given an array whose index represents houses and value at that index represents the size of that have to find minimum cost for repairing . if the adjacent house size id smaller then the cost of repairing will always be higher than adjacent smaller house.

2.Find all the common sub trees in a tree. First i gave brute force O(n^2). then gave O(n) solution.

3. Hiring manager (HM) round

Asked basic concepts from standard cse subjects like operating system, computer networks, dbms, then asked the started hm questions like why do you want to join this company.

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