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First Generation Of Computer

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Prerequisite – Generations of Computer

Today the globe has become trendy thanks to technology. To finish each form of task, we tend to use a pc. With the employment of computers, each business has become on-line. Life is straightforward and comfy with the employment of computers. But we do not assume that however, the pc invent. Nowadays computers became tiny, cheap, and common. However, in maturity, computers were massive, significant, and not thus common as nowadays. The history of computers starts with the birth of the abacus over 5000 years agone. After this, the developments of PCs got begun. 

Vacuum Tubes were employed in the first generation of computers to perform calculations. The amount of the first generation was 1946-1959. The primary generation laptop was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator). The primary generation of computers was serious and huge. They performed arithmetic calculations by exploiting vacuum tubes. Their programming was terribly troublesome. They consumed plenty of electricity. The primary generation of computers had a lot of disadvantages than blessings. The foremost vital computers were ENIAC and UNIVAC-1. UNIVAC was the world’s 1st commercially electronic computer. IBM 650 was the foremost widespread first-generation laptop. Here are the 1st generation pc list ENIAC, EDVAC, IBM-701, and IBM-650.

What is a Vacuum Tube?
An electron tube could be a vacuum tube or valve is a device that controls the flow of electrical current during a high vacuum between electrodes to that an electrical potential has been applied.

1st Generation Computer :
The first generation laptop was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator). It had been the primary all-purpose electronic computer that is intended by William Mauchly and John Eckert in 1942. However, the machine was completed in 1945. It had been designed to calculate artillery firing tables to be utilized by us Army’s trajectory research lab to assist North American country troops throughout war II.

Structure :
The ENIAC pc was terribly serious and huge. Its size was a 50-foot-long basement area and Its weight was thirty tons. It had over seventeen,000 vacuum tubes. Vacuum Tube Computers used tons of electricity.ENIAC consumed a hundred and fifty kilowatts of power, during which eighty kilowatts were used for heating tubes, forty-five kilowatts for DC power provides twenty kilowatts for ventilation blowers, and five kilowatts for punched-card electronic equipment.

Calculations :
The first use of ENIAC was to hold out arithmetic calculations.ENIAC was capable of doing 5000 additions per second. The ENIAC was decimal instead of a binary machine. Therefore, numbers were pictured in decimal kind, and arithmetic was performed within the decimal numeration system. Its memory consisted of twenty accumulators, every capable of holding a 10-digit decimal range. Every digit was pictured by a hoop of ten vacuum tubes.

Drawback of ENIAC :
The major downside of ENIAC was that its programming was advanced and time-wasting. It absolutely was not a general-use laptop. To differ its program implied essentially reworking it, with punch cards and switches in wiring plugboards. It might take a team 2 days to reprogram the machine.

UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) :
It was the world’s 1st commercially electronic computing device. it absolutely was created by Eckert and Mauchly in 1947. It absolutely was delivered to the North American country Bureau of a census in 1951.

Advantages of First Generation of Computers :
The advantage of the primary generation of computers was that these computers quick and will calculate knowledge in milliseconds.

Disadvantages of First Generation of Computers :

  • Computers were larger.
  • They consumed an outsized quantity of energy.
  • They heated terribly shortly because of thousands of vacuum tubes.
  • They weren’t terribly reliable.
  • Air learning is needed.
  • Constant maintenance was needed.
  • Not transportable.
  • Costly business production.
  • Very less work potency.
  • Limited programming capabilities.
  • Use of punch cards.

Limitations of First Generation of Computers :
The operative speed was terribly low. Power consumption was terribly high. They needed an oversized area for installation. The Programming capability was quite low. Its process speed was conjointly low.

Conclusion :
Although the primary generation of computers has many disadvantages than its blessings. However, its importance can’t be forgotten. As a result of when the primary generation of computers, the second generation of computers was created. Transistors were utilized in the second generation of computers. Several computers of the primary generation were made from 1946 to 1959. The use of vacuum tubes within the 1st generation of computers revolutionized the globe of technology.

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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