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Factset Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019

I find GeeksforGeeks very helpful! It helped me prepare for my FactSet interview. Here’s my interview experience for FactSet which came to my college for recruitment.

Round 1 (Written Coding) :

3 coding questions.

printing the boundary elements of binary elements
-finding the smallest square submatrix out of a given square matrix whose sum is equal to given sum
finding a subsequence of given size whose sum is equal to given sum

Round 2 (technical interview):

2 interviewers were there and the interview went on for about 30 minutes. Questions they asked were-

designing a stack which performs the getmin() function in O(1) time without using any extra space
finding the median of two sorted arrays of same size
-how did you solve the submatrix problem of Round 1

Round 3(technical interview):

2 interviewers and 30 minute duration.

checking if a number is power of 2 using only bit-wise operators
finding the intersection point of two linked lists
-finding the product of all the elements of the array except for the current element

Round 4(HR interview):

the interview went for about 30 minutes. The questions asked were-

-your strengths
-a puzzle: if a rectangular paper is given, how many ways are there to divide it equally in 2 parts
-another puzzle: if a rectangular section is cut from the rectangle, how many ways are there to divide it equally in 2 parts such that section gets divided equally too.
-another puzzle: if 9 identical items are given of which 1 is heavy, how many minimum numbers of comparisons you need to find the

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