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Expedia Hackerrank test for SDE (8 Years Experienced)

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020
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The test was conducted on Hackerrank platform and there were three questions that needed to be solved in 100 minutes:

  1. Run-length Encoding.

  2. Device name system: Given a list of IoT devices having names say:

    int[] deviceNames={"tv","fridge","microwave",

    Generate a list that uniquely identifies these names, in case of conflicts add a number at the end. Output device names should be:

  3. Longest ordered subsequence of vowels.

The last question is of Dynamic Programming and was the most important question of the whole test, I was not able to solve all the test cases of this question and was rejected, even though I was able to solve the first two questions with 100 percent test cases passed.

My advice for these tests should be to quickly solve the first two questions and give maximum time to the last question as it holds the maximum weightage.

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